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IT Consulting
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SDR calibration automation


The way hardware/software test were ran on a special measurement instrument of NXP needed to be automated. In the past the to be tested software needed to compiled to a static library which the internal computer of the measurement instrument could use where test cases needed to be written in a hardware specific language. But now i made an OSAL(Operating System Abstraction Layer) which can be included in the developers code and compiled into a binary format the internal computer of the measurement instrument can understand. This means you can use regular test libraries like CUnit or Catch2 to run test cases.

The types of test ran use data in the form of complex numbers. This means in order to verify if the test ran successfully I had research how complex numbers work, how they are used in SDR applications and how I can analyze/visualize them.

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    NXP Semiconductor
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Client reviews

Willem Jan Wagenaar
System & Application Engineering Manager at NXP Semiconductors
Arsalan has a very broad range of skills which can be use full when translating complex matters into simple words. During his time at NXP he was really focused on simplifying and automating allot technical processes at the company.
Marco Bosma
oftware developer / architect at NXP Semiconductors B.V.
He learned the inner and outer workings of our radio middle-ware rather quickly which means he could contribute to it. He does sometime can become a little stubborn and a perfectionist but this is not something that has bothered me.
Jaap Crezee
Freelance Embedded Linux software engineer
I have coached Arsalan during his graduation Internship at NXP. He seemed like a very studious and social person who liked to talk about what he has done and what he can do better. He can be a bit too direct sometimes.

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