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Restaurant Asia website


For the Chinese restaurant of a friend I have build a new website where customers could request a table or make reservations. In the past they only took reservations on the phone, but I had convinced my friend to let people do this digitally because the phone calls were taking up the time of the staff.

I can happily say that they have received allot more customers since I launched the website which in part also helped people finding them online.

Next to creating their website I also spend a lot of time optimizing their SEO, so they can be found more easily on Google and helped them build up their social media platform and with some data analysis on their website.

Lastly I helped them to integrate the website with a food service called thuisbezorgd where they now received messages for ordered food through their own email service (because their parents cannot use smartphone, but can use laptops)

The website was built with fully custom CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP code without using any third party libraries (besides the Google Maps API)

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    Restaurant Asia Nieuwegein
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