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IT Consulting
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Data Engineering
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Parallel Computing
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Mapping Company data flow


Internally the management team at CLS had no idea how their current IT systems are laid out and how they communicate with each other. In essence they had no idea how their Data Landscape looked like as different members of the staff knew about different processes of the company. So I took it upon my self to communicate with different members of the team and external clients/suppliers to figure out how everything talked together.

After some time I managed to design the current Data Landscape of the company (figure 1) and what direction the company should head towards in the short-term (figure 2) and long-term (figure 3). I then compiled this knowledge into a rapport and made a short presentation explaining how different parts of their company work and how CLS can reduce costs and improve.

As mentioned in another project page “Azure Hybrid Cloud” CLS currently spend around ±1500 euros a month whilst only using about 8% of their cloud resources. This meant some drastic changes had to be made to reduce the costs. You can read more about this on the project page.

After creating the rapport I took it upon myself to see what process I could automate, improve and simplify during my time at CLS. I have automated allot of process but mainly the way the ERP and Supply Management System communicate with each other. As previously each sale had to be manually written on paper and about 3 different online platforms, before it was submitted to the ERP.

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