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Lucidy Engine


This is a personal effort to create a simulation engine in modern C++ code targeted at scientists without any programming experience.

In the first stages of the engine I will primarily focus on supporting OpenGL 4.1 Core, but in the future I will switch to another API like Vulcan if the graphics API is becoming the bottleneck of the simulations ran.

Another big feature that I want to add is the ability to mix up a fast computing library like CUDA with this engine that handles most of the physics based calculations.

The engine is completely open source and can be modified to your hand content. I really don’t care what you do with it.

Currently, I am still in the decision phase where I am experimenting with different API’s and libraries to see what I want to use, but in the holiday’s (Starting in July) I will begin on the serious development of the simulation engine.

Please keep in mind that this won’t be a simple physics based simulation engine where you can interact with 3D objects, but will allow for more advanced simulations like detecting stress and weak point in joint from 3D objects, simulating weather corrosion of 3D objects made from specific alloys, pressure testing from outside or inside forces, fluid movement and much more.

The scripting language will be something similar to Latex, named LY-TX where a scientist can write generic looking formulas which are translated to C++ code and ran in the simulation.

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