Arsalan Anwari
All-round C++ developer specialized in computing, data science and embedded
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Data Science
Embedded Engineering
Software and Compiler Development
Linux Networking
FPGA design and Electrical Engineering
  • Analytical mindset
  • Mathematical & technical
  • Not afraid to be direct
  • Studious and entrepreneurial
  • Agile in new environments
  • Has diverse set of skills
  • Can simplify complex concepts

Developing autonomous UAV


Before development, I was instructed to research methods and techniques that are available to navigate indoors with a drone without using GPS. It turned out that computer vision can be the most accurate if it is implemented properly. Another possibility is to use RF poles.

Next, I advised Corvus Drones what hardware they should buy and how they can mount it on their drone. I designed and 3D printed a case which could house the embedded Linux microcontroller (Nvidia Tx1) and the 6 cameras in a hexagon.

Based on the research done, I gave advice how the system could be developed and helped with writing the localization algorithm to navigate in a closed environment by detecting at least 3 markers around the drone and mapping things like the distance to the marker, the pitch and yaw of the drone. The drone had 6 8MP cameras mounted in a hexagon, which were both used for the localization and obstacle avoidance. I had to write the algorithm in CUDA, so that the CPU had enough resources to run the 6 8MP cameras and OpenCV with ArUco. Multiple processes had to communicate through a ‘dynamic’ scheduler I had written in C.

They already had a basis of a simulation engine, but I ended up helping to port it to the Gazebo tool of ROS.

After the localization algorithm was written, I was tasked with writing an algorithm which could analyze plants it flew over in real time.

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  • Software documentation Computer Vision and Embedded Part
  • Final document Computer Vision part
  • 3D model case
  • Client reviews

    Gerhold ten Voorde
    Founder at Corvus Drones
    In just 6 months Arsalan managed to extend and develop our existing prototype and help with the data analytics of plants. He has allot of technical skill and experience for someone his age.

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