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Develop test dashboard and dataflow


For the client AA of Votexa in the United Kingdom a web portal had to be made which would connect a multitude of B2Q measurement devices. These B2Q devices can test the battery health of the car battery and indicate if it needs to be replaced. At the AA about 2200 patrols are working in different locations which are each assigned to their own team leader. There are also Product Leads, which monitor the performance of teams (where the team leader monitors individual patrols) and calculate how many customers have been serviced.

Currently, this is done manually by the AA which makes management of all the different patrols too complicated. For that reason, the AA wanted to create an online dashboard and hired me to give them some advice. Another issue was that the AA had no idea how these B2Q devices were set up or where the data was stored in what method. This is because the AA outsources the B2Q devices to another partner. This meant that I also needed to narrow down the data flow for the AA.


The online dashboard needed to be accessed by different members of the AA (patrols, team leaders and product leads) which should have different amounts of access where they can monitor the performance of themselves/others and get some insights how many customers they service during certain periods.

After the communication between the B2Q devices and the SQL server was made, I started to work on designing the dashboard in a UX design program named ‘Figma‘. I had to make multiple revisions until the AA was satisfied with the user flow and look of the dashboard. This can be seen in figure 2 and 3.

After the AA gave a green light on the project, I advised them that the front end should be made in ReactJS with a component Library named ‘Ant Design’ and the backend should be made with a TypeScript Library named ‘NestJS‘.

Data flow

With their current investment in Azure, I had advised to first set up an MS SQL database to store and format the data send by these B2Q devices. Data is received in the form of CSV files which are uploaded to a server. Therefor a streaming application in .NET should be made which periodically checks if new files have been added, formats these and send them to the SQL server. The build up of the SQL server can be seen in figure 1.

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