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IT Consulting
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Advice Robo app


For a Fintech company named Advice Robo (formally known ad AdviceGames) I had to develop an android app for students aged 16 to 24. Advice Robo is a company who at the time worked on the gamification of different financial aspects and applications.

I was put on charge with the development of the android application in Android Studio and implementing the UX design in the XML scripting language. Java was used as the programming language.

For the demo the application had to connect to an MySQL database using a PHP back-end so some minor PHP skills were required.

Next to the app development I was also assisting the data scientist working at Advice Robo and helped with smaller tasks like plotting graphs, creating models en handling data communication between server using SQL, Python and R. I learned to allot about data science and the mathematics behind it during this time, and I was allowed to help with making predictions.

  • For example, I analyzed the spending pattern of students and could predict how much money they would have saved up at the end of the week.

I am really proud of what I managed to achieve with the app, and I am great-full I could help the team at Advice Robo.

During the development I was constantly iterating with the COO (Rosali Steenkamer) on new ideas.

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Client reviews

Rosali Steenkamer
CCO at Advice Robo
Arsalan has been working with complex technology from a young age and I think that's very clever! He explored the spending pattern of students aged 19-25 by analyzing our data. We are happy with the insights!

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