Arsalan Anwari
IT Consultant, Data Scientist, Computer Scientist
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IT Consulting
Data Analysis
Data Engineering
Algorithm Development
Software Development
Parallel Computing
  • Analytical mindset
  • Mathematical & technical
  • Not afraid to be direct
  • Studious and entrepreneurial
  • Agile in new environments
  • Has diverse set of skills
  • Diverse set of certifications


Work History

3 years

I am the founder of Lucidy where I am primarily responsible for drafting architect documents, software development, advising clients, conducting research and regularly testing existing systems. During these projects I had to work a lot with Design Thinking and System Thinking techniques in order to be able to design and realize products more effectively that can be used on a much broader level.

IT Consultant & Data Analist
Club Logistics Services
1 year

I advise the company what IT solutions to buy after analyzing their company. Next I design and develop their hybrid cloud solution and automate allot of company processes. Lastly I analyze data and create reports with sales predictions.

Software and Automation Engineer
NXP Semiconductor
1 year

At the company I work be within the BL-RFP (Business Line Radio Frequency Processing) division in Nijmegen. Here i am responsible for writing software for embedded radio applications, integrating existing software withing Android Automotive OS (AOSP), writing guides and software documentation for my own written software, Testing software in emulator and hardware and creating tools for automation of test on RF measuring instruments.

Data Analist and Lowlevel Engineer
Corvus Drones
1 year

Because the company was a fast-paced growing start-up I was responsible for a wide variety of task but mainly writing drivers, patching Linux kernel, multi-threading, wiring components, using 6 4K camera’s to detect markers and determining the distance, pitch, roll and yaw from them at a moment in time, Creating a localization algorithm based on the data collected to navigate in the indoor environment, Analyzing plant data collected by cameras to find ideal plant growth patterns.


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