Arsalan Anwari
Consultant Data, IT and Cloud Computing
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Data Analysis
Data Engineering
Networking & Security
Parallel Computing
  • Analytical mindset
  • Mathematical & technical
  • Not afraid to be direct
  • Studious and entrepreneurial
  • Agile in new environments
  • Has diverse set of skills
  • Can simplify complex concepts

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Arsalan Anwari
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Areas of Expertice

Hardware & Software

Writing (web) applications, designing PCB’s and PLA’s. Using and managing software. Working with embedded systems. Hardware/Software architecture documentation.

Data Analytics

Analyzing small or large amounts of data and discovering new insights and strategies.  Making future predictions using time series analysis on existing data. Training and creating (deep) neural networks that can detect implementation specific patterns.

Data Engineering

Handling communication between multiple databases in a data warehouse. Collecting and formatting data. Streaming data between multiple sources in real time. Database management and modelling. Connecting data analytics frameworks like PowerBI to databases.

Networking & Security

Setting up web-services. Managing and configuring Linux virtual machines. Security/Pen-testing existing network. Working with network interfaces like LAN, WLAN and VoIP. Maintain and control computer networks.

Parallel Computing

Designing, wiring and testing computer clusters. Multi-process programming with tools like OpenMP. Writing and optimizing algorithms on the CPU and GPU.


Analyzing company processes and giving advise how some tasks can be automated. Continuous integration with tools like TravisCI. Automating testing and deployment of code with tools like Jenkins CI.


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Rosali Steenkamer
CCO at Advice Robo
Arsalan has been working with complex technology from a young age and I think that's very clever! He explored the spending pattern of students aged 19-25 by analyzing our data. We are happy with the insights!
Marcel Merkx
CEO at CargoSnap
We already had a basis for an Android application which Arsalan has refined and extended. He came up with some use full insights to improve the app and we are looking forward to continue to work with him.
Niek Geijtenbeek
Campus Ambassador at ASML
I have personally work with Arsalan in a number of personal and professional projects and can say that he is really driven by perfection. He continuously reiterates on what he has done to improve.
Thijmen Koelewijn
Project Coordinator at IBM Maarssen
I have coached Arsalan during his project at IBM under the trajectory of Giving Back. Arsalan is extremely driven and enjoys learning new things. He was very familiar with some complex mathematical concepts at his age.
Willem Jan Wagenaar
System & Application Engineering Manager at NXP Semiconductors
Arsalan has a very broad range of skills which can be use full when translating complex matters into simple words. During his time at NXP he was really focused on simplifying and automating allot technical processes at the company.
Gerhold ten Voorde
Founder at Corvus Drones
In just 6 months Arsalan managed to extend and develop our existing prototype and help with the data analytics of plants. He has allot of technical skill and experience for someone his age.
Ana Goessens
Co-founder at Animo Solutions
I met Arsalan whilst in college and have worked with on some smaller projects. He seemed really passionate about what he did and had a very open mindset to learn from others.
Frank Tamer
Co-founder at WMK installatie
I came into contact with Arsalan after Diego Nijboer of Lightspeed IT had developed our company website. Diego recommended Arsalan to us for his deep analytical and technical skills. He is currently analyzing and collecting data for us
Pieter van Leeuwen Boomkamp
Owner of Akkerbouwbedrijf en Handelsonderneming v Leeuwen Boomkamp
Arsalan initially approached me with another student named Boris because they wanted to run a pilot on a smart farming system they developed named Soilar. He seemed to have allot of technical and analytics skills.
Jan Willem Franken
Creative strategist & facilitator
With a small team Arsalan has done some field research and created a prototype which improved the lives of elderly by helping them socialize with each others. Arsalan has a very creative mindset and is good in brainstorming.
Bram Hendriks
Design Researcher
I have been working together with Arsalan on a project for Jan Willem Franken and I can say he has allot of technical skill around developing applications and collecting / analyzing data.
Mustafa Kemal Akıllıoğlu
Director at SemperTech
Arsalan and I have met at the Fincog convention in Amsterdam. He seemed have allot of knowledge regarding machine learning and human behavior where he shared some insights and gave some advise how we could improve our own product.
Jeroen de Bel
Founder of Fincog, fintech strategy consulting
Arsalan had made a good first impression on his knowledge about fintech. He gave allot of good advise to some visitors of the conventions and he seems to enjoy networking with other people.
Marvin da Cruz Laranjeira Fernandes
Thinker, Lecturer and Researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Arsalan had followed some classes of mine regarding design and system thinking which he seemed to enjoy. He is really good at reflecting upon himself and empathizing to try to understand what others want or how they feel.
Pasoon Popal
Development Trainee at AFAS Software
We have worked together on some projects at college and Arsalan is very motivated in the work he does. He can become stubborn sometimes but he understand how to make compromises. He has allot of low level technical skills.
Diego Nijboer
Founder of LightSpeed-IT
Arsalan and I are currently friends but we know each other through some projects at college. He was really passionate about teaching others and helping them with their problems. He can explain complex concepts in a simple matter.
Arne Vellinga
loud Engineer at RoutIT
Arsalan has allot of dev ops skill in Linux and knew allot about setting up virtual machines and virtualization in general. We have met in the first years of college but he seemed to know allot about the subjects being thought already.
Ruben Rajan
Student Technical Informatics
If it weren't for Arsalan and the paper summaries he made of each course in college I would probably have allot more troubles understanding certain topics. Arsalan has a way with making difficult things seem simple
Olivier Verwoerd
Student Technical Informatics
Arsalan seems to be a very energetic and social person. He enjoys helping an teaching others allot. Overall he is just a nice person to be around.


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